U.S. vs. Serbia – FIBA World Cup 2014

We want to extend our congratulations to both the unstoppable U.S. Basketball team winning the Gold Medal and the Serbian National team coming into not so much a close 2nd.  As you can see above, the welcome home celebration the Serbian team received was not to be missed, we are even surprised the U.S. team wasn’t in attendance.  We would have posted the U.S. teams celebration, or ticker tape parade, but there was none.  This display is nothing short of a spectacle, an amazing display of pride and patriotism.  Some even say that the U.S. players would have sold their Gold Medals for a welcome like this one.  Either way, American Serbs are happy with the outcome and Serbs all over the world are extremely happy and proud.  After defeating the French team (Bronze Medal winners) Serbs around the world knew in their hearts that they had won, and playing the U.S.  team would be nothing more than a bonus, if won.  Serbs had hopes like they did in 2002, but with NBA players they will take what they can get.  We hope the same matchup happens again in another 4 years.  Until then, Serbia will be tied with the United States for 5 FIBA Gold Medals a piece.


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