NYC Welcomes LP Duo October 17th 2014 at Carnegie Hall

LP Duo


For more than a decade, LP Duo has experimented with the endless possibilities of performing on two pianos, while developing a new approach to contemporary classical music that combines classical elegance, jazz freedom, and rock ‘n’ roll power. They have performed more than 200 concerts in Europe and the United States, have won prizes at international competitions, and were listed as one of the top ten piano duos at Miami’s Dranoff International Two Piano Competition in 2008. In their concert at Carnegie Hall, LP Duo presents a mixture of sound and music, performing pieces by established American, Colombian, Danish, and Southern European composers.


  • LP Duo
    ··Sonja Loncar, Piano
    ··Andrija Pavlovic, Piano
  • Guest Artist: Margaret Leng Tan, Toy Piano


    Works by John Adams, Marc Mellits, Kim Helweg, Milos Raickovich, Antonio Correa, Ivan Bozicevic, and Miroslav Misa Savic


LP Duo

LP Duo is a piano duo founded by pianists Sonja Loncar and Andrija Pavlovic in 2004. They completed their undergraduate and postgraduate studies from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, and continued their education at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock (Germany), completing 4 years of postgraduated and Konzertexamen (KEX) studies in piano duo, in the class of Prof. Hans-Peter and Volker Stenzl.

Third Prize at the Chopin Roma competition of piano duos in 2005 & Second Prize and Third Prize in different categories at the same competition in 2006
First and Special Prize at the 11th International Competition for Contemporary Chamber Music in Crakow (Poland) 2007
After several qualification stages, LP Duo entered the final stage (top 10 duos) at the world biggest competition for two pianos – “Dranoff Miami”, Florida, in 2008
The City of Belgrade Award & The Award of Serbian Music Artists Association (UMUS) for best young artists 2009
In 2010 they were awarded Bruno Frey Stiftung Landesakademie Prize of Baden-Württemberg Province in Germany.
Special Prize for “The Biggest Individuality” at International Piano Duo Competition in Byalistok, Poland, 2011
LP duo performed at the concerts and festivals all arround the Europe and in USA and have also collaborated with many orchestras

They have been recording for radio & TV companies in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, San Marino, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark and Netherlands.

So far and they have premiered more than 30 contemporary pieces by international composers in different European countries.

Many composers have dedicated their music to LP Duo.

LP Duo is actively working on improvement of the classical music presentation and its popularization. Many of their concerts have a unique visual identity (special light designs or video works) and sometimes performances are realized out of standard concert venues.

Their new CD with completed works for two pianos by Danish composer Kim Helweg, is out now for danish record label, Helikon records.


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