New York City: November 15th Bitange i Princeza


November 15th 2014 at Sv. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in NYC.  Show starts at 10:00

Bitange i Princeza have performed in NYC before and rocked the crowd.  Not your usual Narodna crowd.  Their show brings out the best crowd, new and fun faces who rarely get to experience the Zabavna Rok music scene here in NYC.  Come down and jam out with the band and have some drinks.  The entrance is $15.

Bitange i Princeza is a Boston-based rock cover band, whose repertoire spans a wide range of songs from Ex-YU rock scene, including those of legendary bands like Bajaga i Instruktori, Riblja Corba, EKV, Partibrejkers, Zana, Generacija 5, Negative, Bijelo Dugme, Prljavo Kazaliste, Parni Valjak, and others. The band is comprised of versatile members with a wide mix of experiences, including a virtuoso from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Together, they have played at various venues in New England, as well as NYC. Their concerts are perfect night for Yugoslavian nostalgic rock and roll lovers
The band members are:
Vladan Ristanovic (vocals, bass guitar).
Sandra Milenkovic (vocals).
Marko Stojkovic (guitar, vocals).
Vincent Bonnafous (drums).


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