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New York City: November 15th Bitange i Princeza


November 15th 2014 at Sv. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in NYC.  Show starts at 10:00

Bitange i Princeza have performed in NYC before and rocked the crowd.  Not your usual Narodna crowd.  Their show brings out the best crowd, new and fun faces who rarely get to experience the Zabavna Rok music scene here in NYC.  Come down and jam out with the band and have some drinks.  The entrance is $15.

Bitange i Princeza is a Boston-based rock cover band, whose repertoire spans a wide range of songs from Ex-YU rock scene, including those of legendary bands like Bajaga i Instruktori, Riblja Corba, EKV, Partibrejkers, Zana, Generacija 5, Negative, Bijelo Dugme, Prljavo Kazaliste, Parni Valjak, and others. The band is comprised of versatile members with a wide mix of experiences, including a virtuoso from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Together, they have played at various venues in New England, as well as NYC. Their concerts are perfect night for Yugoslavian nostalgic rock and roll lovers
The band members are:
Vladan Ristanovic (vocals, bass guitar).
Sandra Milenkovic (vocals).
Marko Stojkovic (guitar, vocals).
Vincent Bonnafous (drums).


CANCELLED! Baja Mali Knindza: USA and Canada Fall Tour 2014


He’s Back!  The long awaited Baja Mali Knindza has arrived for a North American Tour.  Check out tour date information in flier!

NYC: Chicago Meets NYC in a Serbian Club Resurrection Party


October 18th 2014 the Serbian Club of NYC is flying in two DJ’s from Chicago to ROCK NYC off of it’s feet.  This is all in a plan to bring the Serbian Club to what it once was and beyond.  Everyone come down and see Goran V. And DJ Alessandro tear it up.  It will be one wild party!  Free entrance for all and the party will be held at the bar where they were long ago!



Syndey: October 4th 2014 Bonnyrigg White Eagles vs. Metrostars SC


Serb Soccer in Australia!  Come see the White Eagles beat up the Metrostars!  Saturday October 4th 2014



Dear friends and Tesla enthusiasts:

January is the time to remember Tesla! 

We at Tesla Science Foundation, with many pivotal activities in 2014 behind us, are gearing up for the 3rd Tesla Memorial Conference that will take place at the historic the New Yorker Hotel in New York City

                             Please save January 10th 2015 for Tesla!

This year’s conference “Let’s Create the Tesla Curriculum” signifies the original platform for Tesla Science Foundation, whose main goal is to incorporate the legacy of Nikola Tesla into the official school curriculum in the United States and around the world. This year we are preparing a first class line-up of expert presenters and we will update you with the final list of participants by mid-October. In the meantime we welcome your suggestions, leads and ideas – and please put this important event on your calendar!

3rd Tesla Memorial Conference program will be as follows: 

9am – 6 pm      Tesla Conference: “Let’s create a Tesla Curriculum”

9am – 11 pm    Tesla exhibit: Past. Present. Future.

7 pm – 8 pm     Tesla Bust Unveiling at the New Yorker Hotel

8pm – 11 pm    Tesla Spirit Awards 2015 Gala Benefit

Tesla Spirit Awards Gala Benefit program will recognize a number of prominent speakers, dignitaries, artists and distinguished scientific individuals who contributed to promoting Tesla and will receive Tesla Spirit Award in 8 categories.

Tesla Bust Unveiling will be a special highlight of the evening. The New Yorker Hotel is the “mecca” for Tesla followers around the world and this will permanently mark the hotel as the one of the historical destinations where Tesla lived and worked for the last 10 years of his life.

We hope you will be joining us in January and we want to remind you of our TS Foundation goals and plans as we are planning our 2015 agenda. We ask for your kind support.

Tax deductible donation checks should be addressed and mailed to:                                                             Tesla Science Foundation, 957 West King Road, Malvern, PA 19355.

Thank you very much for your interest. We look forward to your attendance and support.



Nikola Lonchar                    Marina Schwabic
President/Founder                    Executive Director
Tesla Science Foundation                    Tesla Science Foundation
Phone: (484) 955-0545                    Phone: (857) 417 8719          


%20%20%20%20″ alt=”” />The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy, and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla. Today, our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in United States having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums, to include our annual Energy Independence Conference. Through its dedicated efforts, TSF has attracted large numbers of scientists, engineers, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide. Visionary and scientist, Nikola Tesla was voted one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th Century and is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.


*Taken from the Tesla Foundation Event Page

NYC: Memorial for Michael Pupin – “The Serb Who Connected the World”


Marking the 160th anniversary of birth of the great American scientist of Serbian descent. Belgrade – New York City – Chicago – Bled

Michael Idvorsky PUPIN 1854-1935


New York City, N. Y.
Thursday, October 9, 2014 / 10 a.m-12 p.m. /
Laying of wreaths and bouquets
MEMORIAL SERVICE at the Michael Idvorsky Pupin Memorial
Woodlawn Cemetery / Bronx /

Sunday, October 12, 2014 / 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. /
Holy Liturgy with a Memorial Service for Michael Idvorsky Pupin
Cathedral of St. Sava (Serbian Orthodox Church)

Sunday, October 12, 2014 / 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. /
Ceremony dedicated to Michael Idvorsky Pupin
Columbia University in the City of New York
Department of Physics
538 West 120th Street, 704 Pupin Hall MC 5255, New York, NY 10027

Government of the Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Administration for the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region
Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia – New York
Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America
SRBA TV – New York
Support: TELEKOM AD Belgrade – Serbia

*taken from the facebook page of Sv. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in NYC

Bijelo Dugme 40th Anniversary in NYC November 28th 2014


Bijelo Dugme at Melrose Ballroom in Astoria, NY.  Bijelo Dugme has not seen Goran Bregovic since their first come back tour.  NY will be welcoming Goran back with open arms.  For ticket information please see flier.  Or you can “Mrki’s Place” (I’m laughing at the name of this place, it’s just very “suspicious”)  18+ so make sure you youngins bring your fake ID’s with you.