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Who We Follow: DJ Bobby S.

DJ Bobby S. the DJ formerly known as DJ Drisd or better known as Bobby (Boban) Stankovic is taking on NYC nightlife in a new body.  With a new mix that came out this October his style is ready to disarm nightclubs everywhere.  Pick up his new mix right here on Souncloud.com.  Click HERE for download.
SLM: Bobby, what’s with the name change?
DJBS: Well, the best way to put it I suppose is that I have sort of grown out of some of my old skin and wanted a change with a fresher newer look and more of a mature approach to my dj’ing style.
SLM: Musically, where would you say your inspiration comes from?  Which DJ could you most relate to and look up to that’s made it big in the scene?
DJBS: My inspiration musically comes mainly from being a young teenager and growing up listening to rock and metal music in the early 90’s.  As a drummer for over 15 years playing in bands and playing showcases for artists, beatmatching has sort of come naturally for me.  As far as DJ inspiration, I would definitely have to say DJ’s such as DJ AM, DJ Premier and Q Bert who have paved the way for many other younger generation DJ’s.
SLM: What do you think of Dragan Roganovic, also known as DJ Dirty South, probably the most famous and popular Serb DJ out there?
DJBS: I think hes an incredible DJ/producer, and a great talent. He has developed his own style and really made a impact on the EDM scene globally.
SLM: Any big plans coming up?
DJBS: Currently I am working on traveling out to Serbia for a headlining performance at Catch night club in Novi Sad for a “NYC” Party Night, as well as some other nightclubs around Serbia.  I am also keeping busy doing mix-tapes and playing all around New York City my hometown.
SLM:  What made you stop drumming?
DJBS: I never really stopped, I’ve always had my drumset nearby, and always knew that i would keep playing. I grew up wanting to play the drums more than anything, and i will always see myself playing. Currently, im getting back into the studio to write more tracks and music with some old bandmates.
SLM: What about the Serb Nightlife scene in NY?  I know you work on some of the events and that mainstream music is your forte but how do you think it compares to other cities around the world?
DJBS: Right now I think the Serbian Nightlife scene is like no other in the country. We produce Serbian parties at some of the most exclusive venues NYC has to offer. I think the Serbian nightlife scene in NYC has come a long way and I am very proud to say that i am part of it. It’s a great feeling to be able to bring such an experience to the Serbian Community in the NYC area.
SLM:What’s your top Serb song at the moment and of all time?
DJBS: Definitely the new Ceca album, probably “Brat”. I would have to say my favorite Serbian song to play live of all time would be Vesna Zmijanac – Ide Preko Cafe Del Mar that DJ DANE and Serbocharged shared with me from Sydney Australia.
SLM: Any collaboration with the Club Parada guys in Australia coming up?
DJBS: We are always up to something.  Secrets.
SLM: Secrets don’t make friends! Just kidding!
SLM: What about mainstream, favorite of all time and current?
DJBS: Right now some of favorite new tunes to play out live are tracks by Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Charli XCX, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea to name a few. My favorite tracks of all time to play would definitely be some of the older hip-hop from the 90’s and 2000’s. Along with many other Top 40 tracks.
SLM: Would you ever think about moving somewhere else other than NYC?
DJBS: I have always wanted to try living out on the West coast, San Diego/L.A. area. I have visited there several times and love it. I could see myself living there at some point. However, being born and raised in NYC its always a great feeling coming back because there really is no city quite like it.
SLM: What’s your policy on song requests?
DJBS: I feel as a DJ its important to know that you have to play for the crowd and give them an unforgettable experience. I always do my best to play songs that are requested and blend them in with my set, however its impossible to always be able to do that.
SLM: Play out the scenario of an annoying drunk always approaching the DJ booth to play “vozi me na pale” at high tide?
 DJBS: That’s a hard question haha, usually it only happens once or twice, I press the mute button on him but security is very good at their job, thankfully.
SLM: How’s the love life?  Settling soon or still partying on?
 DJBS:It would be nice to settle down at some point soon, but it’s not always so easy to find the right one. I must admit I love the nightlife scene, and am grateful to still be part of it, and keep the parties going.
SLM: I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I understand you do as well.  How do you really feel about them?
DJBS: Its beyond love haha.  The RHCP have been a great influence on me growing up with their amazing and unique style. They were never afraid to take their music to new heights and create a sound that is like no other.
SLM: Let’s close off with some advice you can give to young-ins who want to go into the DJ scene?
DJBS: I would always tell the younger DJ’s coming up, to constantly practice and craft your skill. Know what direction you want to take your DJ skills into whether it be production, turntabalism or both. Playing out live is also a great way to gain experience with the crowd, and nightlife promoters etc.