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NYC: Chicago Meets NYC in a Serbian Club Resurrection Party


October 18th 2014 the Serbian Club of NYC is flying in two DJ’s from Chicago to ROCK NYC off of it’s feet.  This is all in a plan to bring the Serbian Club to what it once was and beyond.  Everyone come down and see Goran V. And DJ Alessandro tear it up.  It will be one wild party!  Free entrance for all and the party will be held at the bar where they were long ago!




Chicago: Subota Je Ludilo at Boem with DJ Goran V, DJ Tasa, and DJ Alessandro


Another wild night in Serb City brought to you by the same trio who brought you the party at Buckheads for Srbijada.  Dj Goran V, DJ Tasa, and DJ Alessandro spice up Chicago with some Serb beats October 11th 2014.  Free entrance all night long.