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A Community Comes Together for Baby Teodora


On May 28th 2014, Teodora Kristina Radovic was born to parents Aleks and Milana in Chicago, IL.  Her birth was the most glorious event that happened to the young couple.  At birth, Teodora was diagnosed with a rare skin condition known as   Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB); an incurable condition…for now.  Aleks and Milana sought different options and decided that chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant were the best route for Teodora, forcing them to move to Minnesota where Teodora can receive the best treatment.  Issues with the insurance company began to arise as the cost of this medical treatment would be in upwards of  $1 million+.  After defeating the insurance giant, the young couple was left to pay $82k which still was not an easy feat.  Turning to their family, friends and community via the website giveforward.com, they were able to raise $82k for any and/or all medical expenses.  Going down the list of donations it is very clear to see that most of the donors were part of the Serbian community here in the U.S.  It goes to show, in adversity Serbs galvanize and stick together.  Teodora is doing well post transplant and you can follow past and future updates on Teodora’s status via the “Hope for Teodora” page below where you can help the Radovic family by donating.  Teodora is a reminder to the Serb community that we are here for each other when the need arises.   Our thoughts and prayers are with baby Teodora.

Please share and donate here: “Hope for Teodora”