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NYC: October 4th, Zlatne Uste at the NYC Gypsy Festival


Zlatne Uste Play October 4th at 10 PM
From kolos to Kusturica, experience the rich sounds of driving Balkan brass!
Zlatne Uste (Golden Lips) is an internationally known group of American-born musicians playing traditional music of the Balkans, primarily representing Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Romany (Gypsy) traditions. Four-time invited guest at the Dragachevo Brass Festival in Gucha, Serbia, the 12-piece band is among the foremost presenters of traditional Balkan dance music in the United States. 
Each year Zlatne Uste hosts and produces the Golden Festival, New York’s biggest and best Balkan music festival with an astounding 40 or more bands and something for everyone.
*Taken from http://www.dromnyc.com/events/3459/ny-gypsy-fest-zlatne-uste-raya-brass-band-frank-london-dj-joro-boro#.VCsYFvldU8x



Pheonix: Talija Art Company perform at Arcadia Performing Arts Center October 4th, 2014

Presale tickets for TALIJA are only $12!
$15 at the door, Saturday October 4th.

For more information contact:
Nancy: 623-326-0186
George Momich 602-750-3254
Email: djordjemomich@hotmail.com


Chicago: Subota Je Ludilo at Boem with DJ Goran V, DJ Tasa, and DJ Alessandro


Another wild night in Serb City brought to you by the same trio who brought you the party at Buckheads for Srbijada.  Dj Goran V, DJ Tasa, and DJ Alessandro spice up Chicago with some Serb beats October 11th 2014.  Free entrance all night long.

Vladan Mijatovic at Carnegie Hall October 7th 2014



New York City-based jazz pianist and composer VLADAN began playing the piano at age 7, as the latest incarnation of a generations-long dynasty steeped in the unique Balkan musical tradition.
After completing music school in his hometown, VLADAN continued his education at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich (Jazz Piano), studying with world-renowned Russian jazz pianist Leonid Chizhik and graduating with honors. In 2010 he received a prestigious scholarship from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Since 2006 VLADAN has recorded and performed extensively, most often as part of a trio or as soloist. Starting in 2009, his trio started giving FOLK-MEETS-JAZZ themed concerts. Next, he made a solo piano recording entitled Mamazone (music for people who have cancer) released in Germany. LOFT Music, a major German production company, has organized a series of Folk Meets Jazz concerts, for which VLADAN composed several songs closely linked to his native musical tradition and played by him on piano and keyboards with a distinctive Balkan sound.

As part of his musical background, VLADAN has continuously combined music from Eastern Europe with the modern jazz and classical music idioms, finding a fine fusion of the two. He has performed around the world with his trio and as a solo pianist, and has built an international following, with audiences having come to expect a singular, intense experience at his performances. Via his original iteration of the Balkan musical tradition, personal playing technique and treatment of progressive ornamentation and poly-rhythmic beats, and his at once dynamic and sensitive spirit, VLADAN has built a distinctive musical style incorporating the revolutionary combination of acoustic and electric sounds – something rare in jazz.

VLADAN received the Best Jazz Musician in Germany and Best Jazz Solo awards at the International Jazz Piano Competition in Munich and Freiburg, Germany in both 2010 and 2011. In 2013, The Tesla Science Foundation presented him with an award recognizing his contribution to promoting the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla through music.

VLADAN has toured globally with his trio and quartet, performing at premiere venues throughout the world, including Carnegie Hall, Munich Philharmonic, BB King Lucille’s New York, The 7 World Trade Center, Carl-Orff-Saal, Sava Center, Pionir Hall, Center Skenderija, Kombank Arena and many other performance spaces in various countries throughout 6 continents.

He recently started a new trio project with Grammy winner, drummer Robby Ammen and the well-known Turkish-American composer and author of the “Virtuoso Series” books, Bugra Balci. The trio is called “Korrous” and their new album, Paranoid, will present the fusion between Latin, American Jazz, and Eastern European music. VLADAN is working on a new recording of legendary singer Lyn Christopher and Paramount Records will release her new album by the end of the year.

In October 2014 VLADAN will present his new Solo Piano album, Ornaments, at a performance at Carnegie Hall.

*Taken from http://www.vladan.com/

NYC Welcomes LP Duo October 17th 2014 at Carnegie Hall

LP Duo


For more than a decade, LP Duo has experimented with the endless possibilities of performing on two pianos, while developing a new approach to contemporary classical music that combines classical elegance, jazz freedom, and rock ‘n’ roll power. They have performed more than 200 concerts in Europe and the United States, have won prizes at international competitions, and were listed as one of the top ten piano duos at Miami’s Dranoff International Two Piano Competition in 2008. In their concert at Carnegie Hall, LP Duo presents a mixture of sound and music, performing pieces by established American, Colombian, Danish, and Southern European composers.


  • LP Duo
    ··Sonja Loncar, Piano
    ··Andrija Pavlovic, Piano
  • Guest Artist: Margaret Leng Tan, Toy Piano


    Works by John Adams, Marc Mellits, Kim Helweg, Milos Raickovich, Antonio Correa, Ivan Bozicevic, and Miroslav Misa Savic


LP Duo

LP Duo is a piano duo founded by pianists Sonja Loncar and Andrija Pavlovic in 2004. They completed their undergraduate and postgraduate studies from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, and continued their education at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock (Germany), completing 4 years of postgraduated and Konzertexamen (KEX) studies in piano duo, in the class of Prof. Hans-Peter and Volker Stenzl.

Third Prize at the Chopin Roma competition of piano duos in 2005 & Second Prize and Third Prize in different categories at the same competition in 2006
First and Special Prize at the 11th International Competition for Contemporary Chamber Music in Crakow (Poland) 2007
After several qualification stages, LP Duo entered the final stage (top 10 duos) at the world biggest competition for two pianos – “Dranoff Miami”, Florida, in 2008
The City of Belgrade Award & The Award of Serbian Music Artists Association (UMUS) for best young artists 2009
In 2010 they were awarded Bruno Frey Stiftung Landesakademie Prize of Baden-Württemberg Province in Germany.
Special Prize for “The Biggest Individuality” at International Piano Duo Competition in Byalistok, Poland, 2011
LP duo performed at the concerts and festivals all arround the Europe and in USA and have also collaborated with many orchestras

They have been recording for radio & TV companies in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, San Marino, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark and Netherlands.

So far and they have premiered more than 30 contemporary pieces by international composers in different European countries.

Many composers have dedicated their music to LP Duo.

LP Duo is actively working on improvement of the classical music presentation and its popularization. Many of their concerts have a unique visual identity (special light designs or video works) and sometimes performances are realized out of standard concert venues.

Their new CD with completed works for two pianos by Danish composer Kim Helweg, is out now for danish record label, Helikon records.

Tower to the People: NYC Sneak Preview October 4th 2014


“TOWER TO THE PEOPLE-Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues”

O N E   N I G H T   O N L Y !

With a Special Performance by Emmy-Nominated Composer/Pianist MARINA ARSENIJEVIC

Please join us, along with cast members of our feature documentary about Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe lab, for the first screening anywhere in the world of “TOWER TO THE PEOPLE-Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues!”

This sneak preview will take place at the historic New Yorker Hotel, where Nikola Tesla lived his last days. Afterwards, join us for a few surprises, while mingling with the cast, crew and special guests. For independent film & Tesla enthusiasts everywhere, this is an event not to be missed!

*Seating is limited, so advanced purchase is strongly recommended. 

For tickets, please CLICK HERE


“TOWER TO THE PEOPLE-Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues” 

Written by Joseph SIkorski & Michael Calomino

Nearly a century ago, Nikola Tesla dreamed of sending free wireless energy from a mysterious tower and lab on Long Island called Wardenclyffe. Deteriorating for decades, the remains of his great work were almost lost forever.

Until that is, a grateful world united to save it.

“TOWER TO THE PEOPLE- Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues” explores the genius inventor’s dream for Wardenclyffe, and shares the important story of how the last lab of Nikola Tesla was ultimately saved by various groups of dedicated people, using technology Tesla himself helped develop. From a local non-profit organization, to a popular web-comic known as ‘the Oatmeal’, to the generosity of people throughout the world, “TOWER TO THE PEOPLE-Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues” sheds light on the promising future of web-based philanthropic crowd-funding.

With an historic internet campaign to save his lab, a new feature film on the horizon, and growing international media attention, Nikola Tesla is transforming from cult-hero to mainstream icon. Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of his life revolves around a small building in Shoreham, NY called Wardenclyffe. It is from here, Tesla had hoped to transmit free wireless energy to everyone on the globe. Destitute and without sponsors, Nikola Tesla was forced to abandon his dream. Almost a century later, a new generation picked up the torch, hoping to rescue the historic property from decay, and preserve it forever.

We invite you to experience the mysterious past, uplifting present, and exciting future of Nikola Tesla’s lab at Wardenclyffe. Featuring interviews with Penn Jillette, the Oatmeal’s Matt Inman, Peabody Award-Winner Jack Hitt and other distinguished guests. Music by Emmy-Nominated Composer Marina Arsenijevic. Directed by Joseph Sikorski.





You will experience some of the lesser known history of Wardenclyffe, as well as the results of new research conducted  during the course of our two and a half year production.  Also presented will be iconic Tesla imagery, beautifully restored and in a resolution never seen before. And thanks to support from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade and The Wardenclyffe Project, you will also be treated to  some very rare photographs. Perhaps even more amazing,  you will see Wardenclyffe tower as never before! Thanks to the contributions of the Belgrade Tesla Museum, expert architects and engineers help portray the most accurate rendering of the tower and cupola to date!


In addition, you’ll  experience simple demonstrations of wireless energy and transmission concepts which help to illustrate scientific principles in easy-to-understand language. You’ll hear from some of the most respected voices in the Tesla community, be inspired by Wardenclyffe volunteers, and  learn about three angel investors who, along with the generosity of the whole world, helped make the Oatmeal’s crowdfunding campaign a huge success. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into the mysterious Wardenclyffe tunnels that the enigmatic inventor built, and see the results of our recent Ground Penetrating Radar investigation!


“TOWER TO THE PEOPLE-Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues” 

Written by Joseph Sikorski & Michael Calomino




Featuring Music by Marina Arsenijevic 

Directed by Joseph Sikorski 

©2014, Fragments from Olympus, LLC


October 12th in New Jersey: Traditional Bull Roast

Traditional Bull Roast in New Jersey at the Serbian Estate (Srpsko Imanje) of St. John Serbian Orthodox Church will be held October 12th 2014.  Bring the family for a good time and to enjoy a wonderful Serbian delicacy.  We are sure there will be entertainment.

426 Silver Lake Road/Marksboro Road, Hope, N.J.07825