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NYC: Chicago Meets NYC in a Serbian Club Resurrection Party


October 18th 2014 the Serbian Club of NYC is flying in two DJ’s from Chicago to ROCK NYC off of it’s feet.  This is all in a plan to bring the Serbian Club to what it once was and beyond.  Everyone come down and see Goran V. And DJ Alessandro tear it up.  It will be one wild party!  Free entrance for all and the party will be held at the bar where they were long ago!




Syndey: October 4th 2014 Bonnyrigg White Eagles vs. Metrostars SC


Serb Soccer in Australia!  Come see the White Eagles beat up the Metrostars!  Saturday October 4th 2014



Dear friends and Tesla enthusiasts:

January is the time to remember Tesla! 

We at Tesla Science Foundation, with many pivotal activities in 2014 behind us, are gearing up for the 3rd Tesla Memorial Conference that will take place at the historic the New Yorker Hotel in New York City

                             Please save January 10th 2015 for Tesla!

This year’s conference “Let’s Create the Tesla Curriculum” signifies the original platform for Tesla Science Foundation, whose main goal is to incorporate the legacy of Nikola Tesla into the official school curriculum in the United States and around the world. This year we are preparing a first class line-up of expert presenters and we will update you with the final list of participants by mid-October. In the meantime we welcome your suggestions, leads and ideas – and please put this important event on your calendar!

3rd Tesla Memorial Conference program will be as follows: 

9am – 6 pm      Tesla Conference: “Let’s create a Tesla Curriculum”

9am – 11 pm    Tesla exhibit: Past. Present. Future.

7 pm – 8 pm     Tesla Bust Unveiling at the New Yorker Hotel

8pm – 11 pm    Tesla Spirit Awards 2015 Gala Benefit

Tesla Spirit Awards Gala Benefit program will recognize a number of prominent speakers, dignitaries, artists and distinguished scientific individuals who contributed to promoting Tesla and will receive Tesla Spirit Award in 8 categories.

Tesla Bust Unveiling will be a special highlight of the evening. The New Yorker Hotel is the “mecca” for Tesla followers around the world and this will permanently mark the hotel as the one of the historical destinations where Tesla lived and worked for the last 10 years of his life.

We hope you will be joining us in January and we want to remind you of our TS Foundation goals and plans as we are planning our 2015 agenda. We ask for your kind support.

Tax deductible donation checks should be addressed and mailed to:                                                             Tesla Science Foundation, 957 West King Road, Malvern, PA 19355.

Thank you very much for your interest. We look forward to your attendance and support.



Nikola Lonchar                    Marina Schwabic
President/Founder                    Executive Director
Tesla Science Foundation                    Tesla Science Foundation
Phone: (484) 955-0545                    Phone: (857) 417 8719
nikolalonchar@gmail.com                    mschwabic@gmail.com


%20%20%20%20″ alt=”” />The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy, and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla. Today, our Foundation is the most active Tesla related organization in United States having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums, to include our annual Energy Independence Conference. Through its dedicated efforts, TSF has attracted large numbers of scientists, engineers, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide. Visionary and scientist, Nikola Tesla was voted one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th Century and is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register.


*Taken from the Tesla Foundation Event Page

Pheonix: Talija Art Company perform at Arcadia Performing Arts Center October 4th, 2014

Presale tickets for TALIJA are only $12!
$15 at the door, Saturday October 4th.

For more information contact:
Nancy: 623-326-0186
George Momich 602-750-3254
Email: djordjemomich@hotmail.com


Chicago: Subota Je Ludilo at Boem with DJ Goran V, DJ Tasa, and DJ Alessandro


Another wild night in Serb City brought to you by the same trio who brought you the party at Buckheads for Srbijada.  Dj Goran V, DJ Tasa, and DJ Alessandro spice up Chicago with some Serb beats October 11th 2014.  Free entrance all night long.

NYC Welcomes LP Duo October 17th 2014 at Carnegie Hall

LP Duo


For more than a decade, LP Duo has experimented with the endless possibilities of performing on two pianos, while developing a new approach to contemporary classical music that combines classical elegance, jazz freedom, and rock ‘n’ roll power. They have performed more than 200 concerts in Europe and the United States, have won prizes at international competitions, and were listed as one of the top ten piano duos at Miami’s Dranoff International Two Piano Competition in 2008. In their concert at Carnegie Hall, LP Duo presents a mixture of sound and music, performing pieces by established American, Colombian, Danish, and Southern European composers.


  • LP Duo
    ··Sonja Loncar, Piano
    ··Andrija Pavlovic, Piano
  • Guest Artist: Margaret Leng Tan, Toy Piano


    Works by John Adams, Marc Mellits, Kim Helweg, Milos Raickovich, Antonio Correa, Ivan Bozicevic, and Miroslav Misa Savic


LP Duo

LP Duo is a piano duo founded by pianists Sonja Loncar and Andrija Pavlovic in 2004. They completed their undergraduate and postgraduate studies from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, and continued their education at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock (Germany), completing 4 years of postgraduated and Konzertexamen (KEX) studies in piano duo, in the class of Prof. Hans-Peter and Volker Stenzl.

Third Prize at the Chopin Roma competition of piano duos in 2005 & Second Prize and Third Prize in different categories at the same competition in 2006
First and Special Prize at the 11th International Competition for Contemporary Chamber Music in Crakow (Poland) 2007
After several qualification stages, LP Duo entered the final stage (top 10 duos) at the world biggest competition for two pianos – “Dranoff Miami”, Florida, in 2008
The City of Belgrade Award & The Award of Serbian Music Artists Association (UMUS) for best young artists 2009
In 2010 they were awarded Bruno Frey Stiftung Landesakademie Prize of Baden-Württemberg Province in Germany.
Special Prize for “The Biggest Individuality” at International Piano Duo Competition in Byalistok, Poland, 2011
LP duo performed at the concerts and festivals all arround the Europe and in USA and have also collaborated with many orchestras

They have been recording for radio & TV companies in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, San Marino, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark and Netherlands.

So far and they have premiered more than 30 contemporary pieces by international composers in different European countries.

Many composers have dedicated their music to LP Duo.

LP Duo is actively working on improvement of the classical music presentation and its popularization. Many of their concerts have a unique visual identity (special light designs or video works) and sometimes performances are realized out of standard concert venues.

Their new CD with completed works for two pianos by Danish composer Kim Helweg, is out now for danish record label, Helikon records.

A Brick for Nik: Forever Becoming a Part of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe


Nikola Tesla’s last remaining laboratory was about to be scrapped and turned into a shopping center, thanks to all of his fans the world turned a wrong into a right and now, slowly but surely, Tesla’s laboratory will become the Tesla Science Center.  On August 15th 2012 theoatmeal.com did a comic piece on Nikola Tesla, “Why Nikola Tesla was the was the greatest geek who ever lived.”  There was a call for action to donate to the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe. On May 2nd 2013 Tesla’s laboratory was saved.  The property was bought for $850.00 and well over a million dollars has been donated.  Today the property is in good hands but the building and the land around the building needs to be updated.  The most recent campaign was started in September 2014 to raise more money.  “A Brick for Nik” is your chance to become a part of history and help keep Tesla’s memory alive.  A great idea to permenantly be a part of history and have your family name presented to the millions of people who will tread on the walkway leading to the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe in Shoreham, NY.

To buy a brick for yourself, family, or company and become a part of Tesla’s history:  CLICK HERE